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Become an Ambassador

Current Ambassadors

Rebecca Poe - President

My name is Rebecca Poe and I am  Sacramento, California.  I am currently a Sophomore at Missouri Southern State University.  I am majoring in Elementary Education with an emphasis on Social Science and minoring in Theatre and Spanish. My favorite thing about attending MSSU is the student service that you receive. Facutly and Staff are extremely helpful in any area that you have questions. You can tell that they are here for you and to help you reach all of your education, potential goals and plans through your college years. Southern has so much to offer to their students, over 100 majors and minors you can chose from, organizations and clubs you can join, sports and activitiies you can get involved with, on campus jobs and much more. There is always something to do on this campus, just get involved and get started! Hope to see you on campus in our near future!

Daisha Foster - Vice President

Daisha FosterMy name is Daisha Foster, I am 19 years old and a sophomore here at Missouri Southern. I am studying Criminal Justice Administration with a minor in Crime Scene Investigation, and Computer Forensic Sciences. I am a tutor in our campus learning center where I help students with math and writing. Also, I am a member of our poetry club here on campus and the MOSO Mane-iacs spirit group. I am a Southern Welcome leader during the summer. Also, I am in Phi Eta Sigma, the honors society on campus. I dance Zumba in our campus recreation center with all my friends. I love this campus and the faculty here. This place is my home and the people here are my family. We grow bigger everyday and I hope one day you can come and visit us here at Missouri Southern State University.


Sohaila Etemadi - Secretary

My name is Sohaila Etemadi, but I often go by Soey. I am a senior Biology major with a minor is Psychology. I am involved in S.W.A.G (student wellness awareness group), ISA, Student Ambassadors and Project Stay. I am a peer mentor for a U.E 100 class, and I love having the opputunity to work with fellow students.

MSSU has a lot to offer to its students! We offer a great selection of majors and minors. One detail I really like about Southern is the class size. The average class size is around 25 vs. 100 at other universitys. Instructors know their students by name and make time to assist them.

I also enjoy the diversity of the campus. We have students from across the U.S and the world. Its a great experience to learn about different societies, customs and cultures.

I am so glad you are interested in taking a tour of MSSU! Hope to see you soon :)

Shelby Neubeck - Treasurer

Howdy, my name is Shelby Neubeck, a junior from Crocker, MO. I'm dual majoring in Mass Communications and Health promotion and wellness. When I graduate I want to attend Graduate school for Sports Management and/or Sports Medicine. I'm involved in Southern Ambassadors, SWAG (Student Wellness Awareness Group), REC(Recreational Employee Council), Poetry Club, and our Southern Gentleman/MOSO Ultimate Frisbee team. I am a Chart Writer, Lifeguard at MSSU, and I volunteer with Sports Medicine as an athletic trainer. The reason I decided to attend MOSO is because it's small enough that you can create a good support system of friends, it's easier to make ties with professors, and everyone is really helpful and it's super easy to get involved.

Darcy Blizzard

Image of Darcy BlizzardMy name is Darcy Blizzard and I am a Webb City High school graduate. I currently attend Missouri Southern State University. I am a sophomore working towards a degree in Biochemistry. After graduation I plan to continue my education and become a pharmacist. To help achieve this goal, presently I work as a pharmacy technician at Freeman Hospital. On the fun side, my favorite color is pink; I like to swim and play tennis, and spend time with my family. One of my other interests is modeling. My favorite subject is Chemistry. The organizations I am currently in are: Phi eta sigma and Missouri Southern Ambassadors.


Jessica Davis

Jessica DavisHello, my name is Jessica Davis and I am a Sophomore Undeclared major. I have been attending Missouri Southern State University for the last 1 1/2 years. I started school 11 years ago and took a break to have a family. Now that my children are older and in school I thought it would be a great time to start back to school and earn my degree. I am currently undecided but will be declaring my major in Criminal Justice for the spring semester. I received an award for Emerging Leaders my first semester and became a peer mentor at that time. With being a peer mentor I assist an instructor with a course teaching incoming freshman how to transition into college life. This is my first semester being a Southern Ambassador and I recently was accepted into Project Stay. I am married with four children who keep me very active when I am not busy here on campus.

Samantha Evans

Samantha EvansHELLO! My name is Samantha Evans, I am a Senior Criminal Justice Administration major. I am an active member in Phi Eta Sigma, Southern Ambassadors, Resident Hall Association, MoSo Mane-iacs, and the REC Registered Student Organization. I am from Blue Eye High School, in a graduating class of 55 students and came to Missouri Southern in the Fall of 2009 looking for a clean slate, and I found it here in Joplin. In October of 2011 I was named the MSSU Hollywood Homecoming Queen, and I had a great time running with my fellow RA.

I have two jobs on campus, I am a Supervisor at the Beimdiek Recreation Center, and I am a Resident Assistant on the Residence Life side of campus. When I am not working I like to hang out with my friends, workout in the gym, and read when I don't have homework or a pressing test. 

After graduation in December of 2013 I hope to spend a few years working for a state law enforcement agency, and then transfer to a federal government body as a forensic scientist or intelligence officer.   

Luther Fonkem

 luther-vedmiaBorn and raised by a single mother in West Africa, Cameroon. Third of five, three brothers and a sister; and I lost my younger brother in 2002 and that makes me youngest of four now. Moved to the United States in March of 2003 and was in Greenbelt, MD. I was so into school that I decided to escape all the distractions of the big town by moving to the Midwest, precisely Oklahoma City where I can focus on my dreams of becoming a medical doctor. As fate would determine, I met a girl, who became my son's mom. In order words, I am a proud dad of one. I later on moved to Joplin Missouri in July 2010 in order to be closer to my little monster Drew. (That's how I call my son; I love him)

While in Oklahoma City, I attended OSU, where I served as president of Phi Theta Kappa. When I moved to Southern, I became the first generation president of the Southern Ambassadors. My plans are to graduate as fast as possible and go back home where I would ultimately be the president of my country. Tired of the same ole dictator, "ruling" for over thirty years now. I am very compassionate and no matter what it is, I always want to be a positive influence in the lives of others. With Jesus, I know I will achieve my dreams.

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Renee Rheinecker

Renee RheineckerHi!  My name is Renee Rheinecker and I'm from St. Jacob, IL.  I'm a Biology Major with an emphasis in Pre-Veterinary medicine.  After I graduate, I plan on attending graduate school where I will get a DVM degree and practice veterinary medicine somewhere.  I played volleyball for MSSU in the 2009 and 2010 seasons before deciding to give it up and focus more on the Honors Program requirements, school and my future.  Because of this, I have more time to devote to my job at a veterinary clinic and clubs I'm in such as:  Biology Club, Phi Eta Sigma, Catholics on Campus, Episolon Mu Sigma, Alpha Chi, and Southern Ambassadors.  The main reason I chose to attend MSSU was because it felt like home:  people I saw, the friendly atmosphere, and the one-on-one relationship you can develop with your instructors.