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Pre-Engineering (Physics) degree program – first 2 years of study

Missouri Southern State University is proud of its long-standing tradition of having one of the strongest pre-engineering programs in the state of Missouri.

The program at MSSU emphasizes a strong foundation in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and English composition, as well as an appreciation of the liberal arts. Many sources of financial aid are available while enrolled at Southern and for transferring to the University of Missouri for the final two years of the engineering degree. The availability of financial aid, the low cost of tuition, and our reputation for successful completion of engineering degrees, makes MSSU the best engineering choice in the state!

Physical Science Department - a learning community dedicated to:

  • delivering undergraduate instruction for physics and physics education majors
  • offering physics courses suitable for students majoring in other fields
  • offering general education requirement science courses in support of the university’s liberal arts curriculum
  • supporting a two year transfer program for students majoring in engineering
  • providing a positive environment for students, staff and faculty

Physics graduates obtain a strong diversified background in science and mathematics which will qualify them to enter various areas of employment in industry, government or secondary education or for entrance into graduate programs in physics, engineering and many other disciplines. Students who plan to do graduate work in engineering should, with the help of a faculty adviser, select their free electives in the area they plan to enter.

The physics area of the Physical Science Department participates in cooperative two-year pre-engineering programs which allow students to complete the first two years of an engineering degree at Missouri Southern and then transfer to an engineering school to complete the remaining two years of the degree. 

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