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Making Music at MSSU

The Music Department of Missouri Southern State University seeks to serve the University and its many constituents, in the following ways: by providing access to a general foundation in music education, by providing professional preparation to individuals interested in selected fields of study within the discipline of music, by providing an environment of cultural enrichment and by providing departmental support to the institutional commitment of the International Mission.


The Music Department acknowledges these activities as parts of its Mission:

  • music performance
  • teacher preparation
  • community involvement
  • the consistent delivery of a quality-driven curriculum
  • support of the institutional International Mission through travel, studies conducted abroad, international performance and studies directed in support of the International Semester
  • promote varied musical opportunities grounded in the Liberal Arts

The Department of Music offers a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Science in Education degree with a major in Music. Each degree prepares graduates for performance, studio teaching and/or continued study toward an advanced degree. In addition, the Bachelor of Science in Education degree prepares graduates for teaching in public education.

General education requirements for one course in Area F, Humanities and Fine Arts, are fulfilled by MUS 110 Music Appreciation and/or MUS 106 World Music.

All music majors (with exception of piano majors) are required to pass a piano proficiency examination prior to graduation.

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Mr. Brian Fronzaglia
Interim Department Head
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Rita Boyer
Music Office
Missouri Southern State University
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