Medical degree options

MSSU offers many programs in Medical Science

The Goals of the School of Health Sciences

  • To provide opportunities for students to prepare for a broad range of established and emerging careers;
  • To maintain and develop curricula which provide the opportunity for students to obtain the background in liberal arts and sciences so they may appreciate their heritage and contemporary society to become a contributing member of their society;
  • To provide programs in the most cost effective method possible, that are cognizant of contemporary requirements of career fields and which provide best available preparation for emerging requirements;
  • To provide opportunities and encouragement for faculty and staff to remain current and conduct research in their respective disciplines;
  • To provide instructional facilities and equipment essential to the maintenance of academically excellent instruction;
  • To provide a variety of supportive functions that serve a variety of area needs;
  • To offer quality programs and in areas where required, maintain program content necessary for special accreditation;
  • To offer a variety of continuing education programs to meet special needs and demands;
  • To encourage faculty to provide consultation services and otherwise serve as resources for the area;
  • To advise people, including students and potential students, regarding knowledge, skills and abilities required to enter and succeed in various career fields;
  • To assist faculty to meet and maintain eligibility for special certification required in numerous programs.

You may be interested in: Business/Life-Health Science, Dental Hygiene, EMT Certification, Health Science, Medical Interpretation, Medical Technology, Nursing, Paramedic Certification, Pre-Medicine, Radiology, Respiratory Care

School of Health Sciences

Dr. Tia M. Strait
Dean School of Health Sciences
Office: Justic Center 126
3950 E. Newman Rd.
Joplin MO 64801-1595
Phone: 417.625.3155