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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English, Literary Studies emphasis

The Bachelor of Arts English major at Missouri Southern comprises two major tracks. The literary studies emphasis focuses on the traditional study of literature, preparing the student for advanced study of English in graduate school, for law school and for a variety of careers in which understanding of human nature, critical thinking and oral and written communication skills are valued. The three writing emphases prepare the student for more specialized careers involving writing in the workplace—such as public relations, copy writing and editing, technical writing and desktop publishing—and creative writing. Both tracks require senior capstone experiences: a Senior Seminar (English 495) in the literary studies track and one or two internships (English 491) in the writing emphases. These internships allow the students practical experience using writing and research skills in a workplace environment.

Minor in English, Literature emphasis

The English and Philosophy Department also offers an English minor with a choice of two emphases. The first, a minor in English with an emphasis in literature, is a traditional English minor that allows students to deepen their knowledge of literature and writing. The minor in English with a writing emphasis is designed for students to develop their writing skills and it provides them with a way to present their accomplishments to prospective employers and graduate schools. Students who wish to minor in English will arrange a coherent sequence of courses in consultation with the departmental adviser for minors. Students should choose courses on the basis of their backgrounds, their major programs and, above all, their interests.

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