Latin American Studies

Latin American Studies minor

The Minor in Latin American Studies is an obvious choice for History, French or Spanish majors because so many of the required classes overlap with requirements for those majors, but the minor is open to any student regardless of major.

Required courses include:

Course Requirements for the minor in Latin American Studies

Foreign Language (four courses from one language)


Select two courses from the following:

Hist 160          History of Latin America

Hist 342          Latin American Revolutions (WI)

Hist 474          Colonial Latin America

Hist 475          Modern Latin America


Select two classes from the following list:

Geog 211        Regions and Nations

Fren 301          Readings and Conversation

Fren 305          Contemporary Francophone Cultures

Fren 325          French Cinema

Fren 405          Francophone Cultures

Span 307         Introduction to Latin American Civilization

Span 308         Latin American Civilization: Mexico

Span 309         Contemporary Mexican Culture and Civilization

Span 310         Conversation I

Span 335         Mexican Literature

Span 336         Survey of Spanish American Literature

Span 340         Latin American Cinema

Span 343         Hispanic Children’s Literature

Span 350         Latin American Contemporary Issues

Span 400         Hispanic Drama

Span 410         Conversation II

PSc 332           Comparative Cultures: Developed Countries

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