Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice is a Bachelor of Science degree designed to prepare students for employment with the various juvenile justice agencies. These agencies deal with children and adolescents who are subject to the juvenile justice system because they have committed acts that would be crimes if they were adults or offenses such as truancy or running away. The juvenile justice system also deals with children who are neglected or abused. Moreover, there are many prevention programs that although not part of the juvenile justice system, are designed to keep juveniles from entering the system. Students majoring in Juvenile Justice will have an opportunity to explore the many facets of the juvenile justice system and to gain an understanding of the legal and practical aspects of the system.

Our faculty has many years of experience in the juvenile justice field in such positions as deputy juvenile officer, legal adviser to the juvenile court and child abuse investigator. Through local contacts, students will have the opportunity to obtain real world experience through an internship with a juvenile justice agency.

Career options include working with the court system, social service agencies, the schools, prevention programs, juvenile corrections or the many private treatment programs. The system is always evolving with new programs and policies, creating new opportunities for students majoring in Juvenile Justice.

Minor in Juvenile Justice

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