Justice Studies

Justice Studies

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Justice Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies is a multi-disciplinary approach that prepares students for positions in the public and private sector. This degree will help prepare students for careers as court administrators, legal assistants, social workers, lobbyists, drug court administrators, state and federal law enforcement officials and many other law-related careers. In addition, this degree is ideal for students who wish to pursue a law degree or a graduate degree.

One of the goals this degree seeks to address is to develop the student’s critical thinking, reading and problem solving skills. This course of study should assist students in effectively presenting their ideas orally and in writing. This multi-disciplinary approach should enhance problem solving skills by exposing students to a wide array of justice-related courses in different disciplines.

Upon completion of this degree, students should have a comprehensive understanding of the legal system and how it interrelates with various disciplines. Students are encouraged to seek a minor in a foreign language, accounting, computer science, criminal justice, English with a writing emphasis, political science or social work.

You may also be interested in: Accounting, Computer Information Science, Criminal Justice, Foreign Language, Legal Studies, Management, Paralegal Studies, Pre-Law, Political Science

Criminal Justice Administration Department

Dr. Michael Hulderman
Interim Department Head, Criminal Justice Administration
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Communication Department

Dr. Kelly Larson
Department Head, Communication Department
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Biology and Environmental Health Department

Mike Kennedy
Sustainability Program Coordinator
Department of Biology and Environmental Health
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