Interdisciplinary Studies

Programs in Interdisciplinary Studies

  • The Applied Science program  is offered on-line to allow students who transfer into Missouri Southern with an Associate of Science or Associate of Applied Science degree from a community college to complete an undergraduate degree that will facilitate their employment. The students will enroll in courses that will prepare them to compete for entry management positions.
  • The Continuous Process Improvement minor was developed for non-Engineering Technology majors and focuses on skills and techniques used to improve processes and systems in a variety of industries. Any student majoring in business, health, criminal justice, CIS, biology, chemistry, technical writing or other fields will increase their competitiveness with this minor because any organization benefits from reducing cost and increasing productivity and quality.
  • The First-Year Experience Program at Missouri Southern State University has been established to assist first year students in the transition to university life and to introduce new students to the opportunities at MSSU. The FYE program oversees several components that help accomplish these goals such as the UE 100: The University Experience course, the Common Reading Program and the Leadership Training courses for peer mentors.
  • The Honors Program serves Missouri Southern State University by recruiting academically talented and motivated students and engaging them in enhanced educational opportunities and challenges designed to promote their development as scholars and citizens.

One of the goals this degree seeks to address is to develop the student’s critical thinking, reading and problem solving skills. This course of study should assist students in effectively presenting their ideas orally and in writing. This multi-disciplinary approach should enhance problem solving skills by exposing students to a wide array of justice-related courses in different disciplines.

Upon completion of this degree, students should have a comprehensive understanding of the legal system and how it interrelates with various disciplines. Students are encouraged to seek a minor in a foreign language, accounting, computer science, criminal justice, English with a writing emphasis, political science or social work.

  • Military Science classes are offered through the Missouri Army National guard Leadership Program SHOW-ME GOLD. The program offers citizens of Missouri the opportunity for professional development to become officers in the Missouri Army National Guard. The officer training program consists of credit-bearing classroom instruction, leadership laboratories, and physical training. Contracting in the Show-Me Gold program and enlisting int he Missouri Army National guard could provide access to some of the best-possible education benefits including 100% tuition assistance, the Montgomery G.I. bill, Paid Job Skills and Training, Monthly Drill Pay and Affordable Health Insurance.
  • The minor in Multimedia is designed to allow students to gain the skills necessary for careers in a variety of occupations such as business communication, advertising, graphics and the arts, network communication systems and business and media communication. Students will gain skills in software, multimedia design, programming, communication, marketing and strategy development.
  • Pre-Law - Law schools agree that a variety of majors prepare students for law school; there is no single preferred course of study for prelaw students. There are a variety of majors they advise students to pursue in order to prepare for law school. The U.S. Department of Labor recommends that students who wish to attend law school should become proficient in writing and speaking, reading, researching, analyzing and thinking critically. They recommend “Courses in English, foreign languages, public speaking, government, philosophy, history, economics, mathematics and computer science, among others.” Students may also find useful any courses that acquaint students with legal vocabulary and “hypothetical” exam questions, a staple of law school exams. Some of the MSSU majors that help prepare a student for law school include: Accounting, Criminal Justice, English, History, International Studies, Justice Studies, Mathematics, Political Science and Sociology. There is also a Legal Studies minor open to any student regardless of major. There are a variety of courses which would be helpful to any student desiring to enter law school no matter what major he or she chooses.

Missouri Southern also offers a variety of activities to prepare students for the law school experience. These activities include Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) training sessions, field trips to law schools and on-campus visits by law school recruiters to help students prepare for and select a law school.

The curriculum for pre-law students should be jointly planned by the student and a pre-law adviser. The student may major in almost any discipline emphasizing development of the academic skills necessary to prepare the student for performing well on the LSAT and for the rigorous study required in law school. The major may be determined by the student’s general area of academic interest and by the type of law the student plans to practice, such as government service, private practice, corporate law, criminal prosecution or criminal defense.

Criminal Justice Administration Department

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Communication Department

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Honors Program

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Social Sciences Department

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Show-Me Gold Officer Training Program

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