MSSU offers many programs in Design

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For our majors, we provide a solid foundation in art materials, concepts, and techniques followed by a flexible, individually tailored studio program. This allows students to create objects and images spanning a broad selection of media and methods. Advanced level students are encouraged to express their own personal direction and ideas while developing and establishing professional standards.

The B..A. in graphic design is a broad based liberal arts degree program that serves as a general introduction to the experiences of the graphic designer. It involves studio and practical practice in graphic design, art historical research, and theoretical inquiry. It also includes the MSSU CORE Curriculum, four semesters of a single foreign language, and the Art Foundation courses. This degree may be used as a springboard into a variety of graphic design careers.

Graphic Design students are required to participate in the Junior Review during the second semester of their junior year in order to enroll in Senior Exhibit their final fall semester. The graphic design concentration provides courses involving typography, illustration, photography, book design, advertising, computer graphics, design, and drawing. In these courses a range of industry standard graphic software is introduced and uitlized. In addition, Graphic Design students are strongly encouraged to participate in an art internship.

The minor in Multimedia is designed to allow students to gain the skills necessary for careers in a variety of occupations such as business communication, advertising, graphics and the arts, network communication systems and business and media communication. Students will gain skills in software, multimedia design, programming, communication, marketing and strategy development.