Computer Information Science

Computer Information Science (CIS) Degrees

Do you enjoy working with technology? Do you have a talent for solving problems? If so, Computer Information Science (CIS) could be the right degree choice for you. A degree in CIS can prepare you for graduate school or for entry-level positions such as systems programmer, systems analyst, applications programmer, database administrator, bioinformatics specialist, computer forensics analyst, user support specialist, network administrator or website administrator.

High salaries & job placement rates

Missouri Southern CIS graduates boast one of the highest averages in starting salaries when compared to other majors. Job placement rates are also high. Many Missouri Southern CIS graduates hold positions as middle and upper-level managers in various organizations and several have earned graduate degrees.

Degree offerings

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in CIS

MSSU offers the following bachelor degree options in CIS:

Information Technology: allows flexibility in selecting supporting courses.

Information Systems: in addition to the B.S. in CIS, this option also satisfies requirements for a minor in Business.

Computational Mathematics: results in a double major in CIS and Mathematics.

Computer Forensics: results in a double major in CIS and Criminal Justice Administration.

Dual degree alternative: CIS and Business Administration

We also offer a curriculum alternative that qualifies you for a B.S. in CIS and a B.S. in Business Administration with a selected emphasis area such as accounting, finance and economics, management, marketing, international business or general business. For more information, contact the Department of CIS or the School of Business Administration.

Pursuing a non-CIS major?

If you are majoring in an area other than CIS, a minor in CIS or an Associate of Science (A.S.) can provide you with a credential and expertise in computing—an enhancement that is increasingly important in almost every area of science, education, business and the arts. For students majoring in other areas, we offer:

Associate of Science (A.S.) in CIS with an emphasis in Information Systems

Minor in CIS, three options available:

Information Systems

Network Systems Administration

Website Administration

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