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Show-Me Gold

Show-Me Gold

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Show-Me Gold

The Missouri Army National Guard
Officer Leadership Program

Show Me Gold

The Missouri Army National Guard Officer Leadership Program (SHOW-ME GOLD) will offer citizens of Missouri the opportunity for professional development to become officers in the Missouri Army National Guard. The officer training program will consist of credit-bearing classroom instruction, leadership laboratories, and physical training.

Student participants in the program must satisfy admissions standards of both Missouri Southern State University and the Missouri Army National Guard.

Those who qualify for any of Southern's merit-based scholarships will be eligible to apply those benefits to books, fees, and expenses.

Students will enroll in Southern's regular academic programs, but also will take credit-bearing military science courses offered through the Missouri Army National Guard and fulfill other additional requirements.

To Learn more about the program contact:
Phone: 417.625.9690

Military photos featured on this website are provided courtesy of the U.S. Army Soldiers Media Center

Show-Me Gold