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Frequently Asked Questions

Spiva Library

Types of Quesitons

General  Computer  Circulation & Course Reserves  Interlibrary Loan(ILL)  Reference & Research


What are the library hours?

Regular semester hours are:

1:00pm - 11:00pm
7:30am - 11:00pm
7:30am - 5:00pm
9:00am - 5:00pm

Hours differ during intercessions and summer as well as holidays. Current hours with updated closings and early closures can be found online as well as posted at each entrance of the library.

Where are the restrooms?

Where are the elevators?

Can I use the phone?

I left my disc/flash drive, earbuds in one of the computers? Do you have it? Where is the lost and found?

Are there study rooms available?

Are there typewriters available?

I have a friend who isn't a student? Can s/he use this library? Who can use the library?

Can I buy a floppy disk, zip disk, flash drive, set of headphones or other items in the library?

3.5" Floppy Disk
Book Bag
1 GB USB Flash Drive
2 GB USB Flash Drive



Where are the computer labs located in the library?

What are the hours for the computer labs?

I’m a MSSU student, how do I sign on to the workstations located in the library?


Username: doe-j001
Password: 123ABC

  • Students who want to use a computer located in the library or in another computer lab on campus need to enter the first half of their University email as their Username and their assigned 6 character PIN as their password.
  • You need to contact Information Technology Services if you have forgotten or never received your PIN.
  • Email:
    Phone: 417-659-4444
    Location: Bottom floor of Plaster Hall.
  • Students must activate their University email (mymail) via LionNet.

I’m not a MSSU student; may I use a workstation?

Which workstations have zip drives?

Does the Library have scanners?

There are:

These workstations are accessed the same way as all others. A 30 minute time limit is enforced for these particular workstations for ALL users.

Which workstations have CD burners?

Can I buy a floppy disk, zip disk, flash drive, set of headphones or other computer assessories in the library?

3.5" Floppy Disk
Book Bag
1 GB USB Flash Drive
2 GB USB Flash Drive

Can I print my paper, spreadsheet, or graphs in the library? What is the cost?

Can I print on both sides of the paper?

Can I print directly from the Internet?

How can I print in color?

Are there any Apple computers?

Can I use my laptop computer in the library to connect to the SWAN, Central Search etc.?

Can I access the catalog (SWAN) from home?

Can I access EbscoHost (or other online databases) from off campus?

Why can’t I use my cell phone on the 3rd floor of the library or “chat,” play games or do “instant messaging” on the workstations on that floor?


Circulation & Course Reserves

Where is the Circulation Desk?

What are the telephone numbers to each circulation desk?

What information does a student or faculty member need to present to borrow materials?

Is there a limit to the number of items I may check out?

  • Book limits = 15 per library visit
  • Magazine limits = 10 TOTAL
  • Video/DVD limits = 5 TOTAL

In addition a students may only have a total of 50 items and faculty a total of 200 items checked out at any given time.

Can materials be renewed?

Does the library charge overdue fines? If so, how much are they?


  • Reserve Materials - $.50 per hour/$12.00 maximum
  • 1 Week Item - $.10 per day/$5.00 maximum
  • 4 Week Item-  $.10 per day/$5.00 maximum
  • SWAN/MOBIUS $20.00/per book/non-negotiable


  • MSSU Book:  Cost of Book + $10.00processing fee + $5.00maximum fine or billing fee
  • MSSU Loose Periodical:  Cost of Issue + $10.00 processing fee + $5.00 billing fee
  • MSSU Bound Periodical:  Cost of Each Issue + $15.00 binding fee + $10.00 processing fee + $5.00 billing fee
  • SWAN/MOBIUS - $120.00/per book/non-negotiable

Does the library send overdue notices to remind users of late materials?

Can you describe the MOBIUS/SWAN service?

How do I order books from the MOBIUS/SWAN consortium?

My professor has placed articles and books on course "reserve." What are "reserve" materials and where are they located?

Does the library have photocopiers to copy reserve materials or other items?

Does the library have an outside depository to return library materials when it is closed?

Yes. In fact, the library has two outside depositories:

Does the library have a fax machine for student use? If so, are there fees to use it?



Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Where can MSSU users submit an ILL request?

What information do I need to submit an ILL request?

Can I get magazines? Dissertations?

Are there charges associated with this service?

Where do I pick up an ILL request?

How long does it take to retrieve an ILL request?

How long are the loan periods?

Are there some types of materials that are difficult to acquire through ILL?

  • Archives
  • Audio (Cassette Tapes, CD's, et cetera.)
  • Journal Articles only available through a proprietary database
  • Maps
  • Microfilm/Microfiche
  • Rare books
  • Reference
  • Videos/DVD's

Does the ILL department impose fines for late/lost ILL materials?

Can ILL items be renewed?

What is the difference between the MOBIUS/SWAN service and the ILL service?


Reference & Research

Where can I get help with my Research?

What's Ready Reference?

Where’s the card catalog?

How are books, etc. shelved in Spiva Library?

How do I know if Spiva Library owns a particular newspaper or periodical?

How do I find articles from newspapers or periodicals on a topic?

What's the difference between a magazine, journal, and periodical?

What does it mean when my professor asks for a scholarly or peer-reviewed article?

Where are the newspapers, periodicals, ERIC documents and other materials on microform located? Is it possible to copy them? How much are copies?

What is ERIC?

Where can I access ERIC?

What is the difference between an ERIC document (ED) and an ERIC journal (EJ)?

What is an online index/database?

Can I access the library’s online databases from home?

What's the difference between articles found in an online database and those found on the Internet?

How do I cite a print or electronic source?

American Psychological Association (APA)


Modern Language Association (MLA)


Copies of each of these style manuals are kept on reserve at the Main Circulation desk.

Many of the online databases available via our article databases page (Academic Search Premier, Lexis-Nexis) contain examples on how to cite articles obtained through them. Look in the “help” section on the page or ask for assistance at the reference desk.