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The Korea Semester

Korea Semester

2017 The Korea Semester

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Missouri Southern will celebrate the Korea Semester in Fall 2017 – the 21st themed semester since the program began in 1997 with the China Semester.

While the semester’s focus will be on South Korea (the Republic of Korea), we do not want to overlook the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea). It’s hardly a Democratic nation; its totalitarian dictatorship and human rights abuses make it one of the most repressive nations that ever existed. Still, we cannot ignore the slightly larger, northern half of the Korean Peninsula and its impact on the Asia-Pacific Region and the U.S.-Chinese relationship.

The Korea Semester features something for everyone – music, culture, films, current events, history – and food. Two events, on Sept. 12 and Sept. 22, are guaranteed to give you an appreciation of Korean cuisine if you haven’t tried it before.

The MSSU Music Department is making two noteworthy contributions to the Korea Semester. The Southern Jazz Collective will perform an original composition for jazz ensemble based on traditional Korean folk music on Nov. 9, and the Southern Symphony Orchestra will provide an original arrangement of “Arirang” – the Korean folk melody (recognized in both Koreas) on Nov. 17.

Check out the full schedule for more information, and stay tuned for the Scandinavia Semester in Fall 2018!