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Gakushuin Women’s College


University Information

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Location: Tokyo
Duration: Sem/Year
Language: Japanese
Cost: MSSU tuition (15 hours) and housing, students pay for their own meals
Contact: Sherman Hou or Chad Stebbins

Gakushuin Women’s College is a small liberal-arts college for women (enrollment 1,400) located in central Tokyo. Its departments of Japanese Studies, Intercultural Communication and English Communication together make up the Faculty of Intercultural Studies. There is also an M.A. program that accepts men as well as women. The mission of the college is to provide students with a profound understanding of Japanese culture and the ability to explain it abroad, as well as with a good understanding of the world beyond Japan, and the ability to express their opinions persuasively. The college began as a school for the nobility, and thus has teachers of the highest caliber for the Japanese traditional arts. Field trips to the theater and to historic/scenic sites are organized for the international students several times each year.

Since the primary language of instruction is Japanese, exchange students are required to have completed at least one year of university-level study (or the equivalent) of that language. Six 90-minute classes per week of Japanese as a Modern Language form the core of most exchange students’ programs. After a placement test, the students are grouped so as to best accommodate each student’s language level. Furthermore, the instructors in various academic fields are comfortable with English and customarily assign the Japanese students readings in English. Gakushuin therefore encourages students to attend such classes in their areas of interest.

Gakushuin has two semesters, from April to July, and from September to January. The green and quiet campus is a safe academic environment easily accessible by public transportation. Students commute to campus from either a foreign-student dormitory with small private rooms containing a bath and kitchen, or a three-person shared apartment. There is no dormitory with meal plan, so students shop and cook for themselves.

For answers to specific questions about Gakushuin Women’s College, please contact Jean Moore at

 Gakushuin Women’s College


 Gakushuin Women’s College


 Gakushuin Women’s College