Simply, thank you.

By Caitlan and Luke Smith

caitlan luke

Luke and I married young, while still in college, two things many people saw as terrible decisions. Yet in the two years we have been married, we’ve seen 12 countries together and grown immensely, and this wouldn’t have happened without the support of those around us.

Thank you to the Institute of International Studies and Kenneth and Margaret McCaleb for providing us the opportunity not only to travel but to do research.

We continue on our path of becoming educated global citizens, understanding conflict in the world and seeing real, practical solutions.

This is only the start of a future of changing the world for the better.

Thank you to Dr. Wyman, who immediately responded positively about the project and continues to edit all my papers with delight.

Thank you to Dr. Gubera, who saw goodness in a married couple trying to see the world for what it was. It is a beautiful thing to have the support of a professor not only in our quest for education, but also in bettering our marriage.

Thank you to our two sets of parents for financial and emotional support and for going along with our restlessness.

Thank you to Judy for visiting us and being willing to climb a volcano. It was incredible.

And finally, to Clement and Brooke, you two continually pour into our love for international travel and seeking truth in all situations. You two love our hearts, and it means the world to us.