Project Germany: The past, the present, and peace

Many aided us in our efforts

by Rita Forbes and Valerie German

From left: Rita Forbes, Brigitte Janus, Valerie German
From left: Rita Forbes, Brigitte Janus, Valerie German

We were fortunate to have many informative, intriguing interviews, which form the backbone of this project. We give our heartfelt thanks to everyone who took the time to talk to us.

Dr. Ortrun Fröhling, Walter Scheuer, and Pastor Hans-Martin Gloël all provided in-depth interviews from which we learned a great deal. Although we were not able to use their material in our articles, we appreciate their sharing of their vast knowledge and personal perspectives with us. Members of the Munich American Peace Committee and the Nuremberg Peace Museum also provided information and assistance.

The Esser family (Wilhelm, Gertrud, and Eva) graciously opened their home to us. Their kindness – and their kitchen! – made Germany seem a little less foreign. Brigitte Janus also welcomed us into her home and inspired us with her generosity, enthusiasm and encouragement.

Our deepest thanks go to the McCaleb family, whose generous endowment to Missouri Southern made this project possible. Dr. Conrad Gubera, our adviser; Dr. Chad Stebbins, director of the Institute of International Studies; and T.R. Hanrahan, publications manager of The Chart, also provided invaluable assistance and guidance. Pam Forbes’ editing was indispensable.

As always, our families offered unlimited support and encouragement.

Vielen Dank!