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Goals for Our Graduates


Graduate Objectives

It is the goal of Missouri Southern State University that all academic programs be enhanced through an emphasis on international education. To that end, the University has identified five objectives:

Several activities have been designed and implemented to help make these objectives possible. They include encouraging and supporting faculty to lead student groups abroad; providing grants for faculty to internationalize the curriculum; developing bilateral exchange agreements with universities in other countries; developing "themed" semesters featuring special course offerings, lectures, and cultural events of a particular continent or country; increasing the number of modern language course sections and course offerings; and increasing the number of Performing Aid Awards for students majoring or minoring in a modern language.

The Institute, moreover, is committed, through its leadership, in assisting global education to become more pervasive throughout the curriculum and extracurricular activities of the University.

Finally, the Institute is committed to continual assessment of international programs and its mission to ensure that students develop not only an awareness of international problems but specific competencies needed in business, industry, government, education, and the professions.