Prospective Honors Students

5 Reasons to check out the Honors Program at MSSU

Do you have anything to declare?

  • Study abroad.  Join another culture for a summer or a semester.  Expand your horizons and get a stamp in that passport.  Honors students are required to study abroad.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may we have your attention at the center ring?

  • Work with a safety net.  Not only will you be assigned an academic adviser, you'll also have an Honors adviser!  With two directors and a coordinator, you'll know you're on the right academic course.  We're here to help you meet your goals.

We want you!

  • Join the team.  As part of the Honors Program, you join a team of fellow scholars who are serious about their studies and their college experience.  You'll take classes together as colleagues and classmates.  Honors class are smaller than general classes, so you'll have one-on-one time with your Honors professors.

NO Cuts!

  • Be first!  As an Honors student, you'll need a unique set of classes.  Therefore, you'll have priority enrollment.  Honors students enroll before the rest of the student body.

Hey, I know you.

  • Get recognized.  Honors students receive special recognition at commencement as well as on their diplomas.  Honors students work hard on their studies and we want people to know!