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Frequently Asked Questions

simulator maniquin

Q: Where do I go for simulation?

A: The Simulation Center is located on the third floor of the Health Science Building in room 340.

Q: What do I need to wear for simulation?

A: You should be dressed ready for clinicals in your scrubs, according to your program dress code. Bring items you would bring to your clinical setting (watch, stethoscope, etc.)

Q: What do I need to bring for simulation?

A: Please bring any items you would bring to your clinicals, including a pen, a watch with a second hand, a stethoscope and a pen light. A pencil will also come in handy as our mannequins are all allergic to ink. We will have a drug book and calculator available for you.

Q: How do I schedule a simulation?

A: If you are a student, then your course instructor will be scheduling dates throughout the semester for simulation. If you are an external organization wanting to use the simulation center, then please fill out the “Reservation Request Form”.