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 patient simulatorsSimulation Center Equipment

The Simulation Center features state-of-the-art human patient simulators, audio/visual equipment, and hospital equipment. Upon entering the lab, one will quickly notice the four patient beds, a crib and an infant warmer that contains each of our patient simulators. We have three adult manikins, one infant, one newborn, and a pediatric manikin.

The simulators are full-size mannequins whose major organ systems have been programmed to respond appropriately to the environment and to a user's intervention by physical or pharmacologic means. The mannequins are computer controlled either at the bedside or from a control room. Scenarios may be preprogrammed or run "on-the-fly". The mannequins may be used to teach simple physiology and pharmacology, bedside medical examination techniques, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and complex medical management.

Most medical settings may be replicated from a simple floor bed to the complex operating room environment. Physiologic parameters that can be simulated include: EKG, invasive and non-invasive blood pressures, expired gas composition, oxygen saturation, central venous pressure, pulmonary artery pressure, intracranial pressure, and body temperature.

Showing the lab computers in useWith any simulation lab, the audio/visual equipment is of utmost importance in helping create that "simulated" environment.  The Simulation Center features two control rooms with monitors, laptops, microphones, and control units for the cameras that are situated throughout the lab.  The Center also contains an "instructor station" that can control all the media being displayed in the lab either through the twelve desktop computers at the back of the lab or through the 60" flat screen LCD TV.

Student injecting maniquin

Students will also become familiar with the hospital equipment that is within the lab, whether it is the new Hill-Rom patient beds or head wall units that contain piped in medical oxygen, air or vacuum. There is also a variety of IV supplies, IV pumps, oxygen supplies and a medication cart for use. Students can also use the nursing station at the center of the room to practice role playing where they can place phone calls, and receive faxes about patient information.