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Respiratory Student

Steps to Start the Preceptor Programrespiratory care photo

1. Complete the Preceptor Application Form

2. View the presentation "The Adult Learner and the Preceptor Education." 

3. Download the two Competency Forms SVN  and Vibratory PEP.

4. Using the SVN and PEP Mask Therapy Competency Forms as your template, rate the students on the videos using the 2, 1,0 or NA in the check boxes to correctly identify effective skills. 

5. View the 2 Student Performance Videos  (a) "SVN"  (b) Vibratory PEP

6. Upload your evaluations of the 2 Student Performance Videos. The forms can be found by clicking on the following links.

(a) SVN Form

(b.) Vibratory PEP Form

7. Fill out the forms and hit "submit."


Thank  you for your participation in the MSSU Preceptor Program!

If you have additional questions, contact:

Janice Dunaway, MS, RRT, RCP Office Number: 417-659-4453 Email: