Respiratory Care


respiratory care photoSteps to Start the Preceptor Program:

1. Complete the Preceptor Application Form

2. Contact Janice Dunaway, MS, RRT, RCP at to obtain the Access Code 

3. Go to Preceptor Training Course

4. Select "View Courses"

5. Select "Start Course"

Steps to Complete the Preceptor Program

1. View the five Modules (The corresponding Workbook under the Resources icon is optional)

2. Evaluate the two Student Competency Videos at the end of the PEP Program and fill out the two MSSU Performance Evaluation forms for SVN and Endotracheal Suctioning using 2,1,0,NA in the check boxes to correctly identify effective skills.

3. Upon receipt of these Performance Evaluations, an email containing the Preceptor Program Post Test will be sent.

4. A passing score of 70 percent on the Post Test will earn 2 CEUs from the AARC.

If you have additional questions, contact:

Janice Dunaway, MS, RRT, RCP
Office Number: 417-659-4453