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Physical Appearance

Radiology Department

Dress Code Requirements

Students shall be in full uniform when on clinical assignment. This includes wearing a name badge and radiation monitoring device. Uniforms should be clean and wrinkle-free. Uniforms should not be low-cut.

In keeping with established practices of proper hygiene, safety, moral, professional and social values and to provide minimum disruption to patient care, the following guidelines will be followed:

  1. When at the clinical site, long hair should be confined or pulled back so hair does not fall forward.
  2. Beards and mustaches are acceptable if neatly trimmed.
  3. Observe personal hygiene carefully, including brushing teeth, bathing daily, using deodorant and washing hair.
  4. Appropriate street clothes (no shorts, suggestive or fad clothing) may be worn for lab classes at the University or clinical site (i.e., positioning labs).
  5. All shirts and blouses will be kept buttoned and should not be revealing.
  6. No pierced body parts (with the exception of pierced ears) shall be visible.
  7. Clothing that is slashed, revealing or suggestive shall not be worn at the clinical site.
  8. Clothing that is gang-related is not permitted at school or a clinical site.
  9. Visible tattoos are not permitted at the clinical site.
  10. Make-up must be worn in moderation and fingernails trimmed to a length that will not puncture latex gloves. No false fingernails are allowed due to the possible spread of pathogenic bacteria.