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Radiology Application Process

Radiology Department

Application for Admission Procedure

Acceptance into the program is limited and competitive. To be considered, applicants must meet minimum requirements that include:

  1. A 2.5 overall GPA or higher
  2. A “C” in all courses required for the Associate of Science in Radiologic Technology
  3. Completion of all of the prerequisite courses with a “C” or better prior to the start of the program.
  4. Completion of the TEAS Exam with a competitive score.


Applicants with the best grades in the sciences and math required for this degree and who have completed the most core classes will be given preference for admission. Applicants should focus particular attention to grades in Bio 121, Bio 221, Bio 240, Math 30 and RAD 111.

Application Process

Application materials must be submitted directly to the Radiology Department prior to the last day of January of the year you wish to enter the program. The application process includes:

  1. Submit Application for Admission form.

  2. Submit official high school and college transcripts (including MSSU transcript, if applicable) to the Radiology Department.

  3. Submit proof of a job shadowing experience in radiology. This will consist of observing a radiologic technologist and asking questions to help you understand the fundamental roles and responsibilities of the profession. You may observe at any hospital by calling the human resource office and scheduling your visit in advance. Professional dress attire is required during the observation experience. Applicants must print off the job shadow form and take it with them to the observation site. It must be signed by a radiologic technologist at the site who will indicate the time(s) and date(s) of your observation experience. During your shadowing experience, you will observe and ask questions that will allow you to answer the questions on the shadow form. Students should job shadow at least eight hours. The job shadow form and answers must be submitted as part of your application to the Radiology Department at MSSU as part of the application process.

  4. Take the entrance exam. The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is offered through the MSSU Testing Services office located in Webster Hall, Room 118, 417-625-9577,  It is the student's responsibility to self-schedule the TEAS prior to the January deadline. You may only sit for the TEAS one (1) time per application period. Tested areas are:  Science, Math, Reading Comprehension and English Composition. Preparation materials are available to purchase through  The fee ($70.00) must be paid at the Bursar's Office (Hearnes Hall) in advance of the test date and you must present your receipt to Testing Services upon arrival to test. 


  5. Submit three letters of reference (using the forms found on this web-site). The forms should be mailed to the person being used as a reference. The reference letters should be mailed back directly to the Radiology Department. If reference letters are brought to the department by the applicant, they must be sealed and signed across the envelope flap by the person providing the reference.

It is recommended that you call and confirm that all application materials have been received by the Director of the program prior to the February 1st deadline at (417-625-3118)