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Clinical Facilities


nursing monitors

Clinical Experiences:

Missouri Southern State University utilizes direct care and observational clinical experiences.

Clinical experiences are: “faculty planned and guided learning activities designed to meet course objectives or outcomes and to provide a nursing student with opportunity to practice cognitive, psychomotor and affective skills in the delivery of nursing care to an individual, group or community” MOSBN, RSMo 20 CSR 2200-2.001 (2010).

Direct care (hands-on) is defined as “a clinical experience in which patient care is given by the student under the direction of the faculty member or preceptor” MOSBN, RSMo 20 CSR 2200-2.001 (2010).

Observational experiences in Health Care Agencies are: “planned learning experiences designed to assist students to meet course objectives through observation” MOSBN, RSMo 20 CSR 2200-2.001 (2010).

Clinical Facilities:

Nutrition Centers:

  • Barton County Senior Center
  • Can Do Center (Carthage)
  • Joplin Senior Center
  • McDonald County Senior Center
  • The Center (Carl Junction, MO)
  • The Center for Seniors
  • Webb City Senior Center