Clinical Facilities/Experiences

Clinical Experiences:

Missouri Southern State University utilizes direct care and observational clinical experiences.

Clinical experiences are: “faculty planned and guided learning activities designed to meet course objectives or outcomes and to provide a nursing student with opportunity to practice cognitive, psychomotor and affective skills in the delivery of nursing care to an individual, group or community” MOSBN, RSMo 20 CSR 2200-2.001 (2010).

Direct care (hands-on) is defined as “a clinical experience in which patient care is given by the student under the direction of the faculty member or preceptor” MOSBN, RSMo 20 CSR 2200-2.001 (2010).

Observational Experiences in Health Care Agencies are: “planned learning experiences designed to assist students to meet course objectives through observation” MOSBN, RSMo 20 CSR 2200-2.001 (2010).


Clinical Facilities:

  • Nutrition Centers:

Barton County Senior Center

Can Do Center (Carthage)

Joplin Senior Center

McDonald County Senior Center

Mt. Vernon Senior Center

The Center (Carl Junction, MO)

The Center for Seniors

Webb City Senior Center

  • Schools:

Cecil Floyd Elementary

Duquesne Elementary

Golden City RIII

Jefferson Elementary

Joplin High School

Kelsey Norman Elementary

McKinley Elementary

Stapleton Elementary

West Central Elementary