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Health Science Courses


Course Descriptions

HS 350 3 hrs. cr. (Su, Even)
Theory & Practice of Teaching Health Science
Provide the methodological basis for making pedagogical decisions concerning lesson design and presentation. Microteaching provides an opportunity to practice methods and techniques for teaching. Short teaching episodes are prepared, taught, and analyzed via video tape. The basic concern is with the demonstration of effective teaching skills as enumerated in the outline.

HS 390 3 hrs. cr.
Health Care Systems
This course incorporates a discussion of the three major health care systems that have evolved in the United States, the impact of diseases on systems development, how financing has influenced the structure, and effect on access to care. Three lecture hours a week. Prerequisites: Econ 180, Psc 120, Psy 100, or Soc 110.

HS 499 (Demand) 1-3 hrs. cr.
Independent Study
Individually directed study for advanced majors in the areas of health science. The adviser with approval of the department head structures the independent study course. Prerequisite: Upper division standing with an overall GPA of 3.0 or above. The adviser, the department head, and the dean of the school must approve registration in the course.

Other course descriptions for course requirements in the Health Science curriculum are listed in the School Arts and Sciences section under Biology, Communication, and Philosophy; School of Business, and School of Education under Psychology.