Emergency Medical Services

Tuition & Special Course Fees

MSSU Tuition

MSSU Tuition (per credit hour) as of Fall 2012 semester

  • Missouri Residents $169.48
  • Non-Missouri Residents $338.96

All MSSU fees apply including: textbook rental fees, equipment use fee, student activity fee, parking fee, record fee, and student ID fee. Refer to current MSSU schedule book for fees.

Students are encouraged to inquire about financial assistance eligibility through the MSSU Financial Aid department.

All fees are subject to change. MSSU and the Department of EMS reserve the right to add or change fees without notice.

Special Course Fees

In addition to established fees for all university students, other costs are incurred by emergency medical service students such as: uniforms, liability insurance, equipment fee, National Registry examination fee, clinical/field internship scheduling and tracking software, and examination materials.

Para 220-Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Special Course Fee-$360

  • Uniforms $70
  • Liability insurance $75
  • National Registry examination fee $70
  • Clinical/Field Internship scheduling and tracking $30
  • Examination materials $80
  • Equipment $35

Para 250 Paramedic I

Special Course Fee-$525

  • Uniforms $150
  • Examination materials $100
  • Clinical/Field internship scheduling/tracking $80
  • Equipment $195

Para 270 Paramedic II

Special Course Fee-$250

  • Liability insurance $75
  • Equipment $175

Para 290 Paramedic III

Special Course Fee-$290

  • NREMT Board Review $180
  • National Registry examination fee $110

All fees are subject to change. MSSU/Department of EMS reserves the right to add or change fees without notice. Fees are billed to student account upon registration for courses.