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Master of Science in Education

Instructional Technology
Offered through a Partnership Between
Northwest Missouri State University
Missouri Southern State University

About the Program 

Offered in cooperation with Northwest Missouri State University, this degree is designed for teachers and organizational trainers who are interested in using technology to educate or train others.

The graduate of this program should:

  • Operate a multimedia computer system with related peripheral devices.
  • Install and use software packages.
  • Evaluate and write curricula and instructional designs that integrate technology.
  • Design instructional methods for the teaching and integration of technology skills and concepts.
  • Develop assessment strategies and tools used with instructional technology.
  • Evaluate and synthesize instructional technology issues affecting society and education.

Program Admission Requirements

  1. A minimum overall grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 on the undergraduate transcript.
  2. A minimum score of 700 on the combined verbal and quantitative sections of the Graduate Record Examination due prior to admission, but no later than the end of the first trimester of enrollment.
  3. Completion of a supervised writing assessment by one of two options: GRE writing section passed at a 3.5 or higher or passing on one-hour writing assessment administered by the department.

Steps for Admission

  1. Submit an application for Graduate Admission.
  2. Forward official copies of transcripts from all previously attended institutions to the Graduate Office.
  3. GRE requirements must be completed before the end of the first trimester of enrollment.
  4. Follow individual program admission requirements.

Application for Admission

An applicant for admission to graduate study must hold a baccalaureate degree from an institution of higher learning accredited by the appropriate regional or national accrediting agency. The applicant must complete the Application for Admission to Graduate School. (Select Apply for Admissions. Then click First time user account creation. Create a login and pin in Admissions Login - New User and Login.) All undergraduate work toward the baccalaureate degree and any previous graduate work must be verified by official transcripts showing both the credit and grade earned. Admission to graduate study is not the same as admission to candidacy for a master’s degree. Each graduate program has specific admission policies in addition to the policies for admission to graduate study.

Program Course Entry Requirement

 The student entering the M.S.Ed., Teaching: Instructional Technology must exhibit proficiency in word processing, spreadsheets, database and presentation software and proficiently use a browser for the world wide web. Proficiency will be proven by completed coursework or submitted work.

Financial Aid

Students who wish to apply for financial aid for graduate programs should complete the free application for federal student aid (FAFSA) and list the Missouri Southern University school code (002488).  Students may access the FAFSA at  Following is the rate at which financial aid will be distributed:

5 to 8 hours  part-time aid
9 or more hours  full-time aid

Curriculum/Degree Requirements

Master of Science in Education

Instructional Technology

  Credit Hours

Computer Science Core Courses - 14 Credit Hours

CSIS 44-582 Instructional Technology Methods 3
CSIS 44-614  Advanced Applications in Computer Education 3
CSIS 44-626 Multimedia Systems 3
CSIS 44-645 Computers and Networks 3
CSIS 44-694 Seminar: Computers, Society, and Social Values 2
Education Core Courses - 12 Credit Hours  

Ed 61-649 Issues in Education


Ed 61-695 Philosophy of Education 3
Ed 61-650 Improvements of Teaching 3
Ed 61-682 Methods of Educational Research 2
Ed 61-683 Research Paper 1
Advisor-Approved Electives 6

Total Hours


Comprehensive Examination
The comprehensive examination will be scheduled and administered by faculty members in the Department of Computer Science/Information Systems and the College of Education and Human Services. Each college will be responsible for the construction and evaluation of its portion of the examination. The degree candidate must pass both portions of the examination.

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