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Field Experience Opportunities:

Teacher Education Department

International Comparative Education and Cultures

Educ #483-Comparative Education and Cultures

This course will be completed on campus prior to and following the field experience. Class lectures will focus on the culture and educational systems of designated countries. Travel in cultures studied will include visits in schools with interviews arranged to meet the certification profile of class participants. This course is offered as a spring intersession course. Locations studied and visited include: Norway, Sweden and Denmark-2000; England, France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany-2001; Australia and New Zealand-2002 and 2005; Italy-2003; England and Scotland-2004; England-2006; England, France and Spain-2007; Costa Rica-2008 and 2009; China-2010; England, France, and Spain-2011; Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand-2011; Italy and Germany-2013.

International Student Teaching

Participating student teachers are able to:


  1. 2.75 G.P.A.
  2. Meet all student teaching requirements

Application and Registration:

**The Department of Teacher Education International Student Teaching Program is primarily funded through the Institute for International Studies.

Domestic Comparative Education Experience

During the comparative education experience, the teacher candidates' itinerary includes:

To participate in the program, the teacher candidates must:

  1. Be enrolled in or completed Junior Block
  2. Attend six seminar sessions on the MSSU campus
  3. Conduct an article review pertaining to urban schools and diverse groups and develop lesson plans for use in the urban schools

At the conclusion of the experience, candidates write reflection papers and give an informal presentation to their peers.

**This program is sponsored by the student organization, World Issues for Study by Educators (WISE).