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Higher Education

Teacher Education Department


Advice on Effective Curriculum Transformation Nine nuggets of advice on the topic are delineated

Diversifying the Curriculum: A Study of Faculty Involvement Report of the factors that influence faculty to transform their courses

Diversity Innovations: Curriculum Change Resources include principles and practices that are guiding many curriculum changes, various kinds of diversity requirements, revised general education models and courses, advanced courses on U.S. and global pluralism, traditional disciplinary majors that systematically address diversity, and new interdisciplinary programs

Diversity Innovations: Curriculum Change Principles and Practices Links to articles and presentations

Diversity in the College Classroom Online chapters dealing with all aspects of diversity

Executive Planet International Business Culture and Etiquette Culture and etiquette guides for different countries and cultures in the world

Instructional Consulting Web Links: Diversity/Inclusive Teaching Tips General guidelines, rules, and tips for teaching are delineated

Intergroup Relations Center Faculty Resources Tools and resources to prepare faculty for managing diversity during discussions in the classroom

Making Accomodations for Students with Disabilities: A Guide for Faculty and Graduate Student Instructors Paper

The Movies, Race, and Ethnicity This list provides a broad sampling of ethnic and racial representations in the movies over the last century

Multicultural Teaching: Multicultural Resources (CRLT) Link to papers on teaching in higher education