Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment

High School Instructor Checklist

Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment

Pre-Enrollment * Post-Enrollment * End of Course

Please use the following checklists as a guide to guarantee all appropriate actions have been taken in order to ensure student enrollment and registration has occurred for the dual credit course(s) you are teaching, and to ensure your students receive University credit for the course(s) in which they enrolled. Application and registration to the MSSU Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment program occurs online through the DualEnroll.com system.


  • Work with your high school dual credit coordinator to determine course offerings for the upcoming academic year. The Intent to Offer form is due from the coordinator by March 1st annually.
  • Work with your high school dual credit coordinator and the appropriate MSSU Academic Department Chair on Course Approval and Instructor Approval forms as necessary.
  • Attend any required meetings or training sessions for dual credit instructors held by MSSU.
  • Sign your adjunct faculty contract.
  • Using the textbook order form, work directly with the MSSU Bookstore and the high school dual credit coordinator to determine a textbook adoption and delivery plan. Inform the Office of Academic Outreach of the plan.
  • Know your course registration number(s) (CRN) for the courses you plan to teach.
  • Encourage students to complete the required paperwork in a timely manner, and help the high school dual credit coordinator to disburse and collect completed forms (when applicable).
  • Serve as a liaison between the Office of Academic Outreach and the students when necessary to ensure timely cooperation and exchange of information.


  • Familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures that affect you as a dual credit instructor in the state of Missouri, and an adjunct faculty member at MSSU.
  • Check your class rosters through LioNet regularly for accuracy. Students not on the class roster by the fourth Friday of classes (based on the MSSU academic calendar) will not be given University credit for the course. Notifications of inaccuracies should be sent to the Office of Academic Outreach immediately for reconciliation. The timing of when students will show up on your roster will vary from school to school because of the variation in high school enrollment dates and because of the large amount of students being processed during the same few weeks.
  • Remind students of important deadlines, especially as it relates to refunds, bill payments, and course withdrawals.
  • Process course withdrawals as necessary.
  • Work and communicate directly with the MSSU Academic Department Chair for all academic matters related to the course, professional development opportunities, discipline-specific training opportunities, pedagogy and assessment strategies and faculty evaluations.
  • Check your MSSU email account for important updates and information from the University. Information about how to re-route your MSSU email account to another preferred email account is available in the Information Technology Technical Guides through the MSSU Intranet for Employees.
  • Be prepared to make yourself available to your students outside of the regular course instruction time if requested by the student. 
  • Take advantage of your faculty benefits!


  • Have an administrator or the dual credit coordinator from your school complete the end of the course surveys with the students in your course and send the completed surveys back to MSSU.
  • Submit final grades through LioNet at the end of the course. 
  • Work directly with the MSSU Bookstore to collect and return textbooks. Inform the Office of Academic Outreach of this plan.
  • Conduct other program surveys and evaluations as necessary