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Department Liaisons


MSSU Department:




Computer Information Science Dr. Jack Oakes 625-9683
Department of Art Dr. Christine Bentley 625-3066
Department of Biology and Environmental Health Dr. Crystal Lemmons 625-9592
Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences Dr. Marsi Archer 625-9541
Department of Communication Mr. Ward Bryant 625-9710
Department of English and Philosophy Dr. Joy Dworkin 625-9647
Department of Modern Languages Dr. Sherman Hou 625-3106
Department of Mathematics Dr. Kerry Johnson 625-9675
Department of Music Dr. Jeff Macomber
(Interim Chair)  625-9635
Department of Social Sciences Dr. Ree Wells-Lewis 625-9762
Department of Theatre Dr. James Lile 625-9656
Department of Accounting /Finance/Economics
Marketing/Management/International Business
Dr. Tom Schmidt 625-3544
Department of Kinesiology Dr. Jean Hobbs 625-9745
Department of Psychology Dr. Robert McDermid 625-9768
Department of Teacher Education Ms. Lorinda Hackett  625-3060