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Multi-media Production

Distance Learning’s video production can record and produce video and audio segments for use in an instructor’s Blackboard course site. Guest speakers, demonstrations, tours and instructor guidance are just a few of the ways instructors have incorporated video into their sites. The multi-media division can also assist in transcribing audio and creating closed-captioning for video, bringing online content into compliance with ADA regulations.

Meet the Multi-media Team



Name: Noel Wiseman
Position: Coordinator Multimedia Production
Noel enjoys providing video production services for the various disciplines on campus. 


  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Missouri Southern State University

Hometown: Noel is from the Joplin area and says he does a lot of things in his spare time, just none of them well.
Career Highlights: Noel spent 12 years working in local television in directing, and news and commercial production.

Favorite Quote: “If that's art, then I'm a Hottentot.” --Harry S. Truman

Location: 141 Webster Hall
Contact: (417) 625-9861



Name: Tara Schneider
Position: Master Control Switcher
Tara enjoys meeting the the different professors from the departments on campus. Plus she gets the benefit of learning about a wide variety of topics while she records and captions their class.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication from Missouri Southern State University (in progress)

Hometown: Tara has lived in Joplin her entire live and her hobby is textile art.
Career Highlights: Tara spent fifteen years working as master control operator at KODE TV before coming to MSSU.
Favorite Quote: "Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals." -- Henry Ford

Location: 132 Webster Hall
Contact: (417) 625-9792