School of Business

Bachelor of Science - Logistics 

First you have to make a product, then you have to get it to the customer. Logistics professionals help with both.  Logistics is “the planning, implementation, and coordination of the details of a business or other operation.” 

Efficiency of a logistics system is critical to the success of worldwide corporations. Logistics professionals may work in manufacturing and manage the efficient flow of goods in a company from raw materials to the finished product or work in transportation and manage the movement of finished goods to markets and consumers in the most cost-effective ways.

Employment prospects are good. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of logisticians is expected to grow 22 percent from 2012 to 2022, much faster than the average for all occupations


    Semester Hours
General Education Requirements     46-47*
Business Required:
GB 321 Business Statistics I 3  
LOGT 340 Principles of Transportation 3  
LOGT 345 Business Logistics  
LOGT 360 Supply Chain Management 3  
MRKT 300 Principles of Marketing 3  
Industrial Engineering Technology:   15
IET 205 Computer Applications & Cost Analysis 3  
IET 300 Engineering Economics 3  
IET 310 Production Planning and Control 3  
IET 355 Work Measurement 3  
IET 380 Principles of Lean 3  
Computer Information Science:   6
CIS 202 Information Systems I 3  
CIS 375 Information Technology Project Mgmt. 3  
General Electives   41-42
Total   124

*Must include at least 40 upper division (300-400 level) hours.

For additional information contact:

Dr. Elke Howe
Department Chair, Engineering Technology
Ummel Technology 153
3950 E. Newman Road
Joplin, MO 64801
Phone: 417.625.9849