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Senior Projects

Engineering Technology students complete high-impact projects that result in significant dollar savings for local manufacturing companies. Senior project examples include the following:

Spring 2015

  • Travis Coffee improved inventory accuracies at a regional manufacturing company. The anticipated project savings were $78,000 annually.
  • Caleb Erwin analyzed process capability at Modine Manufacturing and made recommendations to increase capacity.
  • Fernando Ramirez determined Economic Order Quantity to streamline production in the CNC area of a local manufacturing company. The anticipated reduction in working capital was $100,000. Other benefits of the project included a reduction in part and material shortages.
  • Lende Allen analyzed customer service time at a local retailer and made recommendations leading to  increased sales, reduced out-of-stock inventory, and reduced receiving and stocking times.
  • Chue Lo reduced heat treating process times at KMT Waterjet with anticipated savings of $32,000 annually.

Spring 2014

  • Matt Mengel used Design of Experiment principles to analyze which tool can produce the fastest strip of size 20 and 26 gauge wire while still being able to produce a quality strip at Ducommun.
  • Travis Creswell benchmarked MSSU’s energy efficiency against that of similar schools in the region. He identified over $120,000 of potential annual energy conservation measures.
  • Kendall Williams reduced average service order process time by 50% at a regional Telephone Company.
  • Aaron Carlsen analyzed wire routing processes at Ducommun and made recommendations leading to potential savings of >$95,000.

Spring 2012

  • Jake Dahlke, Mark Capps, and Greg Johnson improved manufacturing process efficiencies for Ducommun Labarge.
  • Danny Woodruff increased bag room efficiency for Twin Hills Golf and Country Club.
  • Eric Hutchison analyzed call center performance for NCO Group, Joplin.
  • Tom Harter characterized and optimized catalyst behavior of polyurethane potting for MCPU Polymer Engineering LLC, Pittsburg, KS
  • Juan Hurtado increased quality of microwave popcorn bags for Gilster-Mary Lee Corporation.
  • Robert Watson decreased defects by 50% for Boron Products Ceradyne.
  • Shaun Mayhue analyzed patient satisfaction levels at Western Missouri Medical Center.
  • Tim Sharon reduced production time and improved quality of hydraulic cylinders for Danco Machine.

Spring 2011

  • Mike Berry developed a new process to measure biscuit temperatures for a Joplin company. The new method eliminated safety concerns and reduced time.
  • Josh Taylor and Charles Edgington used statistical methods to analyze the process of producing silver epoxy wafers at a Joplin company. They figured out which factors affect the process.
  • Jamie Voegeli and Mike Berry investigated factors that may have an affect on speed in Pinewood Derby racing. They included shape, weight, graphite and lane in their design.
  • Channell Lloyd used statistical methods to analyze whether athletes are in good enough shape to complete the workouts assigned by the coaches through the rate of heartbeat. She also analyzed whether listening to music affects the heartbeat and/or perceived exertion.

Spring 2010

  • John Daugherty completed a project that resulted in a 25 percent reduction in inventory carrying cost that saved a Grove, Okla., manufacturing firm $42, 800 annually.
  • Brian Smith increased the production rate of a CNC milled part by 51 percent, which resulted into an annual savings of $15,000 for a Webb City company.
  • Josh Huffman reduced downtime of a machine by 10 percent for a Joplin company, resulting in annual savings of $55,000.