Engineering Technology

Manufacturing Engineering Technology (MET)

The Associate of Science in Manufacturing Engineering Technology degree program provides students with the opportunity for hands-on experience necessary for employment as a technician in the manufacturing environment.

This is a flexible program that allows students to develop a program of study, with faculty approval, that meets their individual career goals. The curriculum primarily covers computer aided drafting, basics in machining, CNC (computer numerical control), CAM (computer assisted manufacturing), and materials. Students also have the opportunity to select nine credit hours from approved elective courses that span a wide array of topics.

Degree Requirements

Associate of Science Degree Requirements
Manufacturing Engineering Technology (MET)

Major Code IE02 Credit Hours
General Education Requirements 28
Manufacturing Technology Requirements   33 
MET 100 Introduction to Machine Tool Processes 3  
DDET 110 Engineering Graphics I 3  
DDET 115 Introduction to 3D Computer Aided Drafting 3  
DDET 204 Industrial Statics & Strength of Materials 3  
MET 200 Computer Numerical Control 3  
IET 205 Computer Applications & Cost Analysis 3  
MET 240 Engineering Materials 3  
IET 300 Engineering Economics 3  
MET 245 or
MET 145
Manufacturing with Metals
Industrial Automation
MET 304 CNC Project and Cost Analysis 3  
Math 135 Trigonometry 3  
Manufacturing Technology Electives 3
IET 105 Introduction to Industrial
Engineering Technology
DDET 130 Engineering Graphics II 3  
DDET 210 Technical Illustration 3  
MET 490 Internship in Manufacturing Tech 3  
MET 498 Seminar in Manufacturing Tech 3  
MET 499
Independent Study in
Manufacturing Technology
IET 305 Basic Electricity & Electronics 3  
IET 310 Computer Production/ Planning Control 3  
IET 320 Applied Statistical Quality Control 3  
IET 350 Industrial Supervision (WI) 3  
IET 383 Power Generation Including
Pneumatics and Hydraulics
IET 425 Design of Experiments (WI) 3  
IET 440 Six Sigma Methodology 3  
IET 450 Plant Layout/Material Handling 3  
IET 460 Competitive Industrial Practices 3  
EH 378 Occupational Health and Safety 3  
Total   64

* PHYS 151 required to satisfy General Education Requirement D2 and MATH 130 with a grade of C or better or MATH 140 with a grade of C or better required to satisfy General Education Requirement C.

Course Descriptions

MET 0100 (F,S) 3 hrs. cr.
Introduction to Machine Tool Processes
The theory and safe operation of basic machine tools. Fundamental practices include: safety, basic mathematics, blueprint reading, bench-work, precision measurement, metal sawing, drills and drilling, pedestal bench grinding, engine lathes, mills. One hour lecture, four hours lab. Prerequisites: MATH 30 or higher.

MET 0145 (S) 3 hrs. cr.  Industrial Autotmation
This course will provide the student with the ability to program equipment used in industrial automation to perform multiple processes. This course will also focus on operation maintenance, and safety requirements of automation equipment in a manufacturing environment. Two hours lecture, two hours lab. Prerequisite: MATH 30 or higher or ACT score of 20 or higher.

MET 0200 (F) 3 hrs. cr. Computer Numerical Control
Basic numerical control concepts and applications, the operation and setup of numerical control machines, including Vertical machining centers and turning centers, numerical control programming as applied to machining applications using MDI. One hour lecture, four hours of lab. Prerequisites: MET 100, Math 135 or higher with a grade of "C" or better or Math ACT score of 27 or higher.

MET 0240 (S) 3 hrs. cr.
Engineering Materials
Introduction to materials currently used in today's manufacturing settings with emphasis on metals, plastics, ceramics and composites. Laboratory activities involve both manual and computer assisted testing. Two hours lecture and two hours of lab. Prerequisite: MATH 130 with a grade of 'C' or better.

MET 0245 (Demand) 3 hrs. cr.
Manufacturing with Metals
Practical introduction to metals and alloys with emphasis on optimal use of materials in a variety of manufacturing applications. This course focuses on providing an understanding of how and when materials are used, examining specific applications and their requirements and relating those requirements to the properties of various materials. Criteria for appropriate materials selection as well as techniques for maintaining control over material properties during processing will be illustrated. Two hours lecture and two hours lab per week. Prerequisite: MATH 130 with a grade of 'C' or better.

MET 304 (F) 3 hrs. cr.
CNC Project & Cost Analysis
This course will focus on the development of a CNC project applying the principles of design, material selection, cost analysis, planning and numerical control concepts, including vertical machining centers and turning centers, numerical control programming and proofing. Students will gain an understanding of basic project management skills as well as project realization. Two hours lecture, two hours lab. Prerequisites: MET 200, MET 240 or 245, IET205, IET300.

MET 0298 (Demand) 1-8 hrs. cr.
Topics in Manufacturing Technology
Special topics in new or emerging manufacturing technology not normally included in another course. Prerequisites specified by the department in a course syllabus.

MET 0490 (Demand) 1-8 hrs. cr.
Internship in Manufacturing Technology
A structured work experience in manufacturing technology at an institution, facility or industry not directly related to Missouri Southern. Practical application of the students' majors under the direct supervision of an on-site professional who is not an MSSU faculty or staff member. A faculty member will be responsible for approving the placement site and supervising the overall activities of the internship. Prerequisites: 15 hours of MET courses and permission of a committee.

MET 0498 (Demand) 1-3 hrs. cr.
Advanced Topics in Manufacturing Technology
Covers specialized knowledge and skills related to new developments in manufacturing technology. Topics will vary by the semester and situation. Prerequisite: Senior standing in management- technology or an associate degree in manufacturing technology.

MET 0499 (Demand) 1-3 hrs. cr.
Independent Study in Manufacturing Technology
Individually directed reading, research and report preparation in selected areas of contemporary manufacturing technology, for advanced majors. Scope, depth and area of concentration and credit will be arranged when enrolling in the course. Offered by arrangement. Prerequisite: Completion of required manufacturing technology courses with minimum 3.0 GPA and permission of instructor, department head and school dean.