Engineering Technology

Land Surveyor in Training

Completion of the following classes will allow a person who has the necessary field experience and work related hours to sit for the Land Surveyor in Training licensing test in the State of Missouri. The Missouri Board of Architecture, Professional Engineering and Land Surveyors has approved this sequence of courses to meet statute Section 327.312.1(3) RSMo.

DDET 230 Elementary Surveying*
DDET 231 Advanced Surveying
DDET 234 Land & Survey Descriptions
DDET 232 Surveying Computations
DDET 233 Boundary Control and Legal Principles

*Trigonometry (Math 135) is a prerequisite to DDET 230.

For additional information contact:
Dr. Francis Bartholet
Office: Ummel Technology Building 112
Phone: 417.625.9567

Dr. Elke Howe
Office: Ummel Technology Building 153
Phone: 417.625.9849

Course Descriptions

DDET 230 (S) 3 hrs. cr.
Elementary Surveying
Use and care of surveying instruments, fundamental surveying methods, traverse measurements, area computations, precise equipment, and topographic mapping. One hour lecture-problems, four hours lab. Required background or experience: Math 135, DDET 115.

DDET 231 (Su, Demand) 3 hrs. cr.
Advanced Surveying
Precise equipment, astronomical observations. Theory of hydrographic, geodetic, and control surveys. City and land surveys. Route location and layout. Simple, transition, and vertical curves. Earthwork computation. Introduction to electronic and photogrammetric methods. One hour lecture-problems, four hours lab. Required background or experience: Prerequisite: DDET 230.

DDET 232 (F, Demand) 3 hrs. cr.
Surveying Computations
Introduction to the theory of measurements in surveying. Error propagation in horizontal and vertical position. The analysis of surveying measurement error. Error propagation in rectangular coordinate systems. Introduction to the techniques of compass rule adjustment and least squares for the adjustment of surveying data. Least squares adjustment of triangulation, trilateration, and traverse network. Least squares adjustment of level networks. The use of surveying software will be utilized. Three one-hour lectures. Required background or experience: Prerequisite: Math 135.

DDET 233 (F, Demand) 3 hrs. cr.
Boundary Control and Legal Principles
Boundary retracement principles based on common laws. Emphasis on simultaneous conveyances, rancho lands, resurvey problems, and legal descriptions. Three one-hour lectures. Required background or experience: DDET 230.

DDET 234 (S, Su, Demand) 3 hrs. cr.
Land and Survey Descriptions
History of land ownership and transfer of title; types of document of land conveyance; forms of legal descriptions of public and private lands; the bureau of land management; interpretation of maps and documents for the physical survey location of land boundaries; principles of writing precise land boundary descriptions; study of easements; value of monuments rectangular surveys; monumentation, restoration of lost corners, subdivision of sections, special surveys, plats and patents, meander lines, and riparian rights. Three one hour lecture-problem sessions per week. Required background or experience. Prerequisite DDET 230.