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Engineering Technology

Welcome to Engineering Technology Department

We educate problem solvers and decision makers

Why our Department

The Department of Engineering Technology (ET) provides programs designed to develop leaders in industry and society as a whole by providing a quality education to students that is application-oriented and connected to the needs of regional and global businesses.

About our Department:

The Industrial Engineering Technology program at Missouri Southern will produce graduates who:

  • have an appropriate mastery of the knowledge, techniques, skills and modern tools of engineering technology.
  • have the ability to apply current knowledge and adapt to emerging applications of mathematics, science, engineering and technology.
  • are able to identify and analyze problems and design effective engineering technology based solutions.
  • contribute professionally by functioning effectively on teams.
  • communicate effectively with professionals and lay audiences.
  • have an understanding for the discipline of engineering technology and its role in a societal and global context.


The Industrial Engineering Technology program offers the following programs:

Bachelor of Science:

Associate of Science:




The B.S. in Industrial Engineering Technology is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET, Inc. Accreditation is a voluntary, non-governmental process of peer review. It requires an educational institution or program to meet defined standards or criteria. It assures quality in educational institutions and programs.

Engineering or Engineering Technology: How are they different?

A Comparison of Engineering and Engineering Technology

ABET, the accrediting agency that accredits Engineering and Engineering Technology programs posts on their website that “engineering and engineering technology are separate but closely related professional areas.” ABET explains that “Engineering programs often focus on theory and conceptual design, while engineering technology programs usually focus on application and implementation. Also, engineering programs typically require additional, higher-level mathematics, including multiple semesters of calculus and calculus-based theoretical science courses. Engineering technology programs typically focus on algebra, trigonometry, applied calculus, and other courses that are more practical than theoretical in nature.

Baine writes in A Comprehensive Guide to Career Decisions in Engineering:

“There are abundant job opportunities worldwide for engineers and engineering technologists.”

“Engineers and engineering technologists are hired as engineers.”

“ The lines of separation between bachelor’s level engineering and engineering technology positions in industry are blurring as the fields and responsibilities overlap more today than at any other time in history.”

“A technologist is an expert at applying engineering principles and technology to solve problems and connect the theory to all aspects of the problem. An engineering technologist looks at the big picture and practical application of a problem.”