Engineering Technology

Drafting & Design Engineering Technology
(DDET) Course Description

DDET 0110 (F,S) 3 hrs. cr.
Engineering Graphics I
Preparation of drawings by using state-of-the-art CADD. Spreadsheet, word-processing are incorporated along with geometric construction, lettering orthographic projection, dimensioning, sections, pictorial drawing, graphs and diagrams. One hour lecture, four hours lab per week. Corequisite: MATH 30.

DDET 0115 (S) 3 hrs. cr.
Introduction to 3D Computer Aided Drafting
Computer aided drafting and the design of basic 3D wireframe and 3D models. Individuals who have a background in CAD should take the course for personal or professional improvement. One hour lecture, four hours lab per week. Prerequisite: DDET 110 & MATH 30.

DDET 0120 (F) 3 hrs. cr.
Descriptive Geometry
Practical applications of advanced projection techniques to problems in civil, structural, mechanical and architectural engineering. Manual and computer assisted projects on methods are introduced. One hour lecture, four hours lab per week. Prerequisite: DDET 110, DDET 115, MATH 135 or instructor's permission.

DDET 0130 (F) 3 hrs. cr.
Engineering Graphics II
Detail and assembly drawings of machines and machine elements. Survey of the use of machine tools, processes and materials in the design and fabrication of machine parts. The use of 3D and parametric design software enhance the industrial applications within this course. One hour lecture, four hours lab per week. Prerequisite: DDET 110, MATH 135.

DDET 0204 (F) 3 hrs. cr.
Industrial Statics and Strength of Material
Introductory survey of selected topics of statics and strength of materials, with emphasis on equilibrium friction, summation of forces and moments. The strength of materials will concentrate on simple stress and strain, basic beam relationships and torsional load carrying members. Three hours lecture per week. Prerequisites: DDET 110, MATH 135, Corequisite: PHYS 151 or instructor's permission.

DDET 0210 (S) 3 hrs. cr.
Technical Illustration
Pictorial drawing with an emphasis on mechanical and architectural applications. Major topics include mechanical illustrations, exploded views and perspectives drawn with a computer aided drafting system. Drawings will involve 2D and 3D illustration, lettering styles and computer generated rendering and animation. One hour lecture, four hours lab per week. Prerequisite: DDET 115, MATH 135.

DDET 0220 (S) 3 hrs. cr.
Architectural Drafting
Principles of architectural design, preparing sets of working drawings, building details and use of modern construction materials for residential building. Manual and computer aided design techniques used throughout the course. One hour lecture, four hours lab per week. Prerequisite: DDET 110, MATH 135.

DDET 0230 (S) 3 hrs. cr.
Elementary Surveying
Use and care of surveying instruments, fundamental surveying methods, traverse measurements, area computations, precise equipment and topographic mapping. One hour lectureproblems, four hours lab. Required background or experience: MATH 135, DDET 115.

DDET 0231 (Su,Demand) 3 hrs. cr.
Advanced Surveying
Precise equipment, astronomical observations. Theory of hydrographic, geodetic and control surveys. City and land surveys. Route location and layout. Simple, transition and vertical curves. Earthwork computation. Introduction to electronic and photogrammetric methods. One hour lecture-problems, four hours lab. Required background or experience: Prerequisite: DDET 230.

DDET 0232 (F,Demand) 3 hrs. cr.
Surveying Computations
Introduction to the theory of measurements in surveying. Error propagation in horizontal and vertical position. The analysis of surveying measurement error. Error propagation in rectangular coordinate systems. Introduction to the techniques of compass rule adjustment and least squares for the adjustment of surveying data. Least squares adjustment of triangulation, trilateration and traverse network. Least squares adjustment of level networks. The use of surveying software will be utilized. Three one-hour lectures. Required background or experience: Prerequisite: MATH 135

DDET 0233 (F,Demand) 3 hrs. cr.
Boundary Control and Legal Principles
Boundary retracement principles based on common laws. Emphasis on simultaneous conveyances, rancho lands, resurvey problems and legal descriptions. Three one-hour lectures. Required background or experience: DDET 230.

DDET 0234 (S,Su,Demand) 3 hrs. cr.
Land and Survey Descriptions
History of land ownership and transfer of title; types of document of land conveyance; forms of legal descriptions of public and private lands; the bureau of land management; interpretation of maps and documents for the physical survey location of land boundaries; principles of writing precise land boundary descriptions; study of easements; value of monuments rectangular surveys; monumentation, restoration of lost corners, subdivision of sections, special surveys, plats and patents, meander lines and riparian rights. Three one hour lecture-problem sessions per week. Required background or experience. Prerequisite: DDET 230.

DDET 0260 (S) 3 hrs. cr.
Engineering Graphics III
Topics not covered in lower DDET courses, including Vector Graphics and DDET Applications pertaining to Descriptive Geometry. Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing and working drawings and CAM Design will be reemphasized. Engineering design and problem solving will be an essential aspect of this course. Special topics in DDET. Finite elements will be introduced. Drafting facility management concepts will also be covered. Three hours lecture per week, open labs as required. Prerequisites: DDET 110, 120, 130, 204, MATH 135, PHYS 151. Corequisite: MATH 302, PHYS 152 or instructor's permission.

DDET 0271 (Demand) 3 hrs. cr.
Graphic Communication Tech I
Basic applications of data transfer and manipulations within industrial environments. Topics could include: basic Internet applications, Web page design, introduction to data formatting for the Internet and other topics as the technology changes. One hour lecture, four hours of lab.

DDET 0298 (Demand) 1-8 hrs. cr.
Special Topics Drafting & Design Engineering Technology
A special topic or topics not normally included in another drafting/ design course. Prerequisites determined by the department and stipulated in a course syllabus.

DDET 0490 (Demand) 1-8 hrs. cr.
Internship in Drafting and Design Engineering Technology
A structured work experience in drafting/design at an institution, facility or industry not directly related to Missouri Southern. The work experience will be a practical application of the students major field of study under the direct supervision of an onsite professional who is not a Southern faculty or staff member. The on-site professionals will supervise the students activity in the field. A faculty member will be responsible for approving the placement site and supervising the overall activities of the internship. Prerequisite: 15 hours of DDET.

DDET 0498 (Demand) 1-3 hrs. cr.
Advanced Topics in Drafting and Design Engineering Technology
Specialized knowledge and skills related to new developments in drafting and design. Topics will vary by the semester and situation. Prerequisite: An associate degree in drafting & design or senior standing in management-technology or industrial technology.

DDET 0499 (Demand) 1-3 hrs. cr.
Independent Study in Drafting & Design Engineering Technology
Individually directed reading, research and discussions in selected areas of drafting and design for advanced majors. Scope, depth, area of concentration and credit hours will be arranged when registering for the course. Offered by arrangement. Prerequisite: 15 hours of DDET with a 3.0 GPA and permission of instructor, department head and school dean.