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Crowder College Partnership:
Bachelors in Business Management

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Great Partnerships make a Great Beginning for YOU!

Now offered LIVE at Crowder College on the Neosho campus.

All the required courses taken toward an Associate of Arts Degree in Business Administration at Crowder will be counted toward a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Missouri Southern.

Students interested in enrolling in this program do not have to wait until their AA is in hand to start earning their Bachelor degree.

The only requirement needed before starting MSSU classes is to have the prerequisites finished for the class you want.

This means you can:

  • Be dual admitted and take classes for both degrees at the same time.
  • Receive joint financial aid through both Crowder and Missouri Southern at the same time.
  • Get live instruction for your BSBA  degree on Crowder’s campus.
  • Complete your entire degree with  Missouri Southern in 2 years or less beyond your Crowder AA in  Business Administration degree, as long as all MSSU graduation requirements are met.

Classes offered in Neosho

Classes are offered on the MSSU campus, on the Crowder College Neosho campus, Online, in the morning or in the evening!

Classes are all offered on Crowder’s campus in Neosho in the MORNING for students who work  in the afternoon and evening.

Classes are also offered with a complete full-time schedule. 

Students needing MORE FLEXIBILITY can take regular MSSU classes ONLINE or take EVENING CLASSES on campus in Joplin.

Contact Us

MSSU Neosho Office
Crowder College
McDonald Hall 338
Phone: 417-455-5400
or Robert W. Plaster School of Business
3950 E. Newman Rd.
Joplin, MO 64801-1595
Office: 417.625.9371
Fax: 417.659.9604

Helpful Resources:

Phone: 417.625.9378
Financial Aid:
Phone: 417.625.9325
Phone: 417.625.9389