Bachelor of Science
in CIS

Bachelor Science in CIS and Bachelor of Science in Math - Computational Mathematics

Computational Mathematics meets the requirements for a double major in Computer Information Science and Mathematics. The student takes CIS and mathematics classes that develop an expertise in applied mathematics and the theoretical foundations of computer science. Such knowledge is required to design and implement computer solutions for a wide range of problems encountered in science and engineering.

Computational Mathematics Option and
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Major Code CI02 Credit Hours
General Education Requirements (see catalog*) 39
CIS Core (detailed below) 33
Mathematics Core 34
Math 150 Calculus I 5  
Math 250 Calculus II 5  
Math 260 Calculus III 3  
Math 300 Fundamentals of Math Thought 3  
Math 340 Discrete Mathematics 3  
Math 350 Introduction to Numerical Analysis 3  
Math 351 Linear Algebra 3  
Math 361 Probability and Statistics I 3  
Math 371 Operations Research (WI) 3  
Math Elective above 320 3  
Supporting Requirements 10
Phys 250 General Physics I 2  
Phys 260 General Physics II 3  
Chem 151 General Chemistry I / Lab 5  
General Electives 8
Total Hours 124
*Math and physics courses in major requirements
satisfy eight hours of the General Education Core.


CIS Core Requirements

  Credit Hours
CIS 110
Programming I
CIS 202
Information Systems I
CIS 210
Programming II
CIS 310
Database Management Systems I
CIS 315
Computer Networks
CIS 345
UNIX System Administration
CIS 350
Data Structures
CIS 375 IT Project Management 3  
CIS 410
Information System II (WI)
CIS 425
Database Management II (WI)
CIS 450
Operating Systems (WI)
  Total CIS Core

Only courses in which a student has earned a grade of "C" or above will satisfy departmental requirements for the major or minor in Computer Information Science.