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Geography Minor


Minor Requirements

Geographers study the Earth’s surface and the distribution of people on the surface of the planet. Since the Earth’s surface is constantly changing, geographers focus on what causes those changes, in addition to simply describing (mapping) the surface of the Earth itself. This means that geographers examine the ways that the Earth’s physical surface changes, for example, geographers study the conditions that give rise to flooding, global warming, and natural disasters, such as tsunamis.

Geographers also study what forces cause people to move. They study patterns of settlement, cultural understanding of places, and interactions between human populations and the natural environment. As such, geography is a combination of social, physical, and (increasingly) computer sciences.

    Semester Hours
Required Core (9 hours)    9
GEOG 211 Regions and Nations  3  
GEOL 201 Physical Geography*    
GEOG 304 Geographic Information Systems  3  
GEOG 310 Human and Cultural Geography  3  
GEOG Electives (6 hours must be upper division)    9
Total    18

* For course description, see Geology