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Bachelor Overview

A Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in History prepares students for entering career positions in business, governmental and community service fields and for entry into graduate programs in the social sciences and law. A Bachelor of Science in Education with a major in Social Studies - History emphasis - certifies a student to enter professional teaching at the secondary school level. A minor in History is available for students majoring in other disciplines. The American Studies and Latin American Studies minors are available to History majors and students majoring in other disciplines.

History Minors:

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What Can I do With a Major in History?

I love history, but Mom and Dad say I need to major in something that will get me a job. What do I tell them?

History is about the search for truth. But hey, you have to eat. The good news is that history majors do make money. According to The College Majors Handbook, salaries for history majors earn above average salaries. This is because as a history major you develop a set of skills that serve you well in almost any profession, including:

So what do history majors actually do with all these impressive skills?