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Political Science Degree (B.A.)


Degree Requirements

Course Listings   Semester Hours
General Education Requirements 46-47* 43-44
Computer Literacy Requirement -determined by Social Science Department     3
Foreign Language (four courses in one language)   12
Political Science Requirements   12
PSC 120 Government: U.S., State and Local 3  
PSC 201 Introduction to Political Science 3  
PSC 411 Political Theory    
PSC 412 Comtemporary Political Thought 3  
PSC 494 Seminar in Political Science 3  
Select three hours from each of the following areas:   12
U.S. Politics (3)  
PSC 301 Political Parties & Elections    
PSC 302 Public Opinion & Pressure Groups    
PSC 311 American Presidency    
PSC 312 Legislative Process    
State and Local Government (3)  
PSC 320 State Government    
PSC 341 Municipal Government    
PSC 342 Public Policy    
PSC 421 Public Administration    
International Relations (3)  
PSC 321 International Relations    
PSC 322 International Law    
PSC 330 Comparative Politics: Developed Countries    
PSC 332 Comparative Politics: Developing Countries    
Law (3)  
PSC 310 Law, Society and the Judicial Process    
PSC 431 Constitutional Law I    
PSC 432 Constitutional Law II    
Additional Political Science Courses (at least 9 hours at the 300-400 level)**   12
Optional Emphases:  (12 hours from one category)    
American Politics    
International Relations    
General Electives (minor recommended)
Total   124


*Political Science 120 satisfies major requirements and 3 hours of General Education Requirements.

**Chosen in consultation with and advisor

***Must include at least 40 Upper Division (300-400 level) hours.