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Percussion Program Audition Guidelines

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The studio audition is one of the most important steps for admission into the music program. Auditions are conducted in an informal, relaxed atmosphere. Applicants should present their highest level of ability on snare drum and mallets and at least one of either timpani or multiple percussion. Prepare solos selected from the standard literature and be ready to sight read:

Studio Audition

Snare Drum (Perform one concert and one rudimental solo or etude)

Keyboard Percussion (Two and four mallet solos or etudes by Peters, Musser, Bach, Abe or others, Major Scales and Arpeggios)

Timpani (Solos or etudes by Beck, Forth, Hinger or others)

Multiple Percussion (Udow, Kraft, or others)

Drum Set

Stylistic Component: Students should be prepared to perform examples from all of the following areas:

  1. Swing (moderate and up-tempo feels)
  2. Ballad (demonstrating brush techniques)
  3. Latin (Bossa Nova and Samba)
  4. World Music (Afro-Cuban, Reggae)

If you have any questions about appropriate audition repertoire, please feel free to contact us for help.

Mr. Brian Fronzaglia
Assistant Professor of Percussion
Music Department Head
3950 E Newman Road
Joplin MO 64801