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Modern Language Performance Award

Modern Languages Department

Modern Language Performance Award (MLPA)

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The MLPA is the Department’s way of making a financial investment in our students. We believe that the study of modern languages is worthwhile, and we are offering up to $500 and up to $1,000 a year to those students who minor or major, respectively, in a modern language and demonstrate a commitment to Missouri Southern’s modern language program.

We have written up a detailed definition of what we consider an indication of such commitment. If you fulfill the requirements that we have laid out, then we are committed to giving you an award in the amount of up to $500 a year as long as you are working toward a minor in one of our offered modern languages. To those who want to study more deeply into the world of modern languages and cultures and come seeking a major in either French or Spanish we offer an award of up to $1,000 per year.

The MLPA is not a scholarship, but a performance award. It is based on the performance of the student who commits himself or herself to demonstrating a serious interest in his or her chosen language. If a student applies and receives the MLPA, he or she will be expected to fulfill its requirements. As a word of warning, the student should be aware that if he or she should fail to meet the award requirements, then the funds provided may be removed, in which case the student is responsible for paying any remaining tuition and fees, and/or eligibility for subsequent semesters may be affected.

We have many students who receive the MLPA, and we are eager to give it to any full-time student who applies as long as he or she acknowledges that there are some things that we will ask him or her to do. These requirements are not outrageous. They apply directly to the study of modern language and culture. There are plenty of opportunities to fulfill them for the average student, and we are willing to work with you to help you fulfill them to your best ability. If you have specific questions, send an e-mail to the Department Administrative Assistant


MLPA Requirements

If you can check all of the following, then you are eligible for a performance award in modern language study.

As a precautionary remark, however, you should be aware that beginning a semester with the award does not guarantee that you will keep it. If you fail to fulfil the obligations of the award, the funds provided may be removed, in which case the student is responsible for paying any remaining tuition and fees, and/or award eligibility for subsequent semesters could be affected.


MLPA Renewal

The MLPA is renewed by the MLPA Committee as it reviews each student's academic standing and activities every semester. Students who meet the minimum requirements renew their awards when they respond to an e-mail sent from the department to their MSSU student accounts at the end of each semester.

When students do not meet the minimum requirements their awards will be rescinded and/or will be notified of changes to their award status. Status may vary between Funded Probation, Non-Funded Probation and Denied as described below.

Students should consult their modern language advisors in any one of the above cases and may appeal the MLPA Committee if circumstances beyond their control caused them to not meet the requirements or if department records appear to be in error.

In all cases of renewal or non-renewal, the MLPA Committee reserves the right to award or rescind the MLPA at its discretion as changes in available funds and/or requirements may occur.


TEACH Grant at Missouri Southern State University

The TEACH Grant program awards grants to students, who intend to teach, to help meet the cost of their postsecondary education.

Low-income school directory:

High-need fields:

High-need fields are Bilingual Education and English Language Acquisition, Modern Language, Mathematics, Reading Specialist, Science, Special Education, and other identified teacher shortage areas as of the time you begin teaching in that field. (see Missouri shortage areas below)

MISSOURI effective April 2012

Deaf/Hearing Impaired

Drivers Education

Family and Consumer Science

Modern Language—Spanish

Gifted School Psychological Examiner

Science—Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Special Education – (K-12)

Speech/Language Specialist