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Mathematics Faculty

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Dr. Kerry JohnsonKerry Johnson

Department Chair  
Reynolds Hall 212
Phone 417-625-9675


Dr. Laura L. AdkinsLaura Adkins

Reynolds Hall 228
Phone 417-625-974

Dr. Amila Appuhamy Amila Appuhamy

Master of Arts from University of Toledo
Doctorate from University of Toledo

Teaching Responsibilities: Mathematics
Research Interests:  Algebraic Properties of Toeplitz Operators, Functional Analysis, Real Analysis
Advising Areas: Mathematics

Office: Reynolds 228
Phone: 417-625-9718

Dr. Jacob Boswell

Assistant Professor 
Reynolds Hall 232B
Phone 417-625-3110 


Ms. Jean Coltharp Jean Coltharp

Masters of Science in Mathematics

Teaching Responsibilities: Developmental Education, Math Education
Research Interests: None
Advising Areas: None 

Office: Reynolds 231
Phone: 417-625-9658

Mrs. Carrie L. CurtisCarrie Curtis

Assistant Professor 
Reynolds Hall 232B
Phone 417-625-9854


Dr. Charles N. Curtis, Ph.D.Charles Curtis

Master of Science in Mathematics from University of Washington
Doctorate of Philosophy in Mathematics from University of Washington

Teaching Responsabilities: Mathematics
Research Interests: Mathematic Problem Solving
Advising Areas: Mathematics

Office: Reynolds 207
Phone: 417-625-9714 

Dr. Linda M. Hand Linda Hand

Reynolds Hall 231
Phone 417-625-9721


 Dr. Dennis R. Harmon Dennis Harmon

Reynolds Hall 227
Phone 417-625-9611


Dr. Richard A. Laird Richard Laird

Reynolds Hall 229
Phone 417-625-9699

Dr. Grant H. Lathrom

Associate Professor 
Reynolds Hall 222
Phone 417-625-9767

Coby Hopkins

Department Chair Administrative Assistant 
Reynolds Hall 210
Phone 417-625-9766

Diana L. Johnson

Faculty Administrative Assistant
Reynolds Hall 217A
Phone 417-625-9376


Adjunct Faculty

Mr. David L. Baker Adjunct Faculty

Reynolds Hall 114
Phone 417-625-3166

Mr. Robert G. Culp, Adjunct Faculty

Reynolds Hall 114
Phone 417-625-3166

Mr. Brian Hancock, Online Adjunct Faculty


Mrs. Heather Miller, Online Adjunct Faculty