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The program consists of almost four weeks of intensive contact hours between 9am and 3pm daily Monday through Friday. The students attend formal classroom sessions with a short lunch break in the
university's cafeteria which they will spend among native German students. The textbook currently used for the corresponding courses at MSSU will be our Ansbach textbooks as well in order to ensure the continuity of our program. The students will have access to the internet at our partner university as well as at the Landesfinanzschule where the dormrooms are located. This provides the students with information resources
for their papers and presentation on German topics.

The students will also have a three-day personal week end for which they have to make travel plans to places of their choice. They are required to find accommodation, attractions, sites, book their railroad tickets, etc. in
preparation for the trip. This includes contact with the local tourism office, information centers, finding and investigating maps. The students will be asked to find their personal favorite place. They are required to find and visit cultural and historical sites and to share their findings and most striking experiences with their fellow students (in German) upon their return to Ansbach. Eventually they will include their experiences in the required final paper. In the past, students have gone to Rome, Paris, Prague, Vienna, Berlin, Venice, Budapest, and other places. Even though the chosen destinations do not all have a strict link to German, preparatory work is done entirely in the target language.



 2011-2012 Student Study Abroad Grant Application



The budget results from internet research (airfare and public transportation), and costs provided by the University of Ansbach (room and board). The budget assumes an exchange rate of one Euro to 1.50 Dollars ( The actual current rate is 1.47 to one Euro.)

Airfare: $1200

Room and Board at the Landesfinanzschule: $1000


Hotels (7 traveldays x $70 per day)  $490

Meals (7 days x $50) $350

Ground Transportation (car rental, bus, train)  $1000

Tickets  $100

Hotels (7 traveldays x $70 per day)  $490

Meals (7 days x $50) $350

Ground Transportation (car rental, bus, train) $1000

Tickets  $100

 Total: $4140


Contact Information

For assistance or further information, contact:

Dr. Sabine CramerDr. Sabine Cramer
Department of Foreign Languages
Webster Hall 363
Missouri Southern State University
3950 E. Newman Road
Joplin, MO 64801

Tel: (417) 625-9649 Fax: (417) 625-9585




The prerequisite for this program is at least two semesters of German in our program or the equivalent thereof (to be approved by the instructor). The students will get three credit hours as enrolled students in German. The majors will have fulfilled the immersion requirement upon successful completion of this course.The classes are held daily for 3 hours. With 3 hrs. per day,  classroom time equals 2700 minutes. Adding the cultural activities and numerous out-of-class assignments, this summer program meets without any doubt the total of 2250 minutes required by the Policy Handbook. The courses taught will include: Intermediate German I (German 203), Intermediate German II (204), and German Literature 1500-1800 (German 416).



May 30  Departure for Frankfurt (leaving from Tulsa OK)

May 31  Arrival in Frankfurt, trainride to Ansbach, check into Landesfinanzschule (dorms)

June 1    First day of classes, check in at the University, explore campus facilities

June 2-22 regular classes; short trips (Rothenburg, Wolframs-Eschenbach, Nürnberg, München, Dinkelsbühl, Regensburg, Würzburg, Feuchtwangen); day excursions after classes

June 22- 29 Final tour: Salzburg (Saltmine, Mozarthouse, castle), Innsbruck (Alps), Füssen (Neuschwanstein, Schwangau), Bodensee (Insel Mainau, Meersburg), Freiburg, Colmar (Isenheimer Altar, German – French
Center), Strassburg (Kathedrale, European Parliament), along the Rhine River to Mainz

June 30 Departure from Frankfurt