Modern Languages

Dr. Sherman Hou 

Professor of Chinese and Japanese

Webster Hall, Room 364
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Dr. Hou received a bachelor of economics degree from Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade. For that degree he studied Japan-related business and business Japanese. At the University of Hawaii at Manoa he received an M.A. in Asian languages and literature and did doctoral studies. He was employed by the University of Hawaii as a full-time instructor in Japanese. He earned a Ph.D at the graduate school of Computer Information and Science at Nova Southeastern University. 

Courses Taught At MSSU:

Chi 101 Beginning Chinese I
Chi 102 Beginning Chinese II
Chi 203 Intermediate Chinese I
Chi 204 Intermediate Chinese II
Chi 305 Readings & Conversation I
Chi 306 Readings & Conversation II
Jpn 101 Beginning Japanese I
Jpn 102 Beginning Japanese I
Jpn 203 Intermediate Japanese I
Jpn 204 Intermediate Japanese II
Jpn 305 Advanced Japanese I

Jpn 306


Advanced Japanese II

University Experience