Foreign Languages

Bachelor of Arts with a Major in German

Major Code FL01

The BA requires that you meet the forty-three to forty-four (43-44) core requirements along with specific German-related studies, including the courses specified below along with forty-four to forty (40) elective hours. Here is the list of your requirements together with a few important notes:

General Education Requirements1 43/44  
Computer Literacy Requirements (select one) 3  
CIS 105 3  
MM 237 3  
German Requirements 33  
GER 101, 102, 203, 2042 12  
Language Courses (300 or above)3 6  
Culture Courses (300 or above)3 6  
Literature Courses (300 or above)3 6  
Electives (300 or above)3 3  
Additional Requirements4    
 Proficiency Exams    
 Residency Abroad    
Electives 44/45  
Total — Must include 40 upper-division hours 1245  
  1. Three hours of foreign language fulfill Area 1 requirement of GER.
  2. GER 101, 102, 203, and 204 fulfill the 12-hour foreign language requirement for the B.A. degree.
  3. These courses in German must be at the 300-400 level and must be chosen in consultation with the student’s adviser.
  4. Additional requirements for the German major are:
    • Successful completion of proficiency tests. Guidlines are available in the Department of Foreign Languages. These guidelines indicate the general areas covered by the proficiency tests and the dates on which tests are scheduled for the academic year. Students will normally take the tests for diagnostic purposes during the second semester of the junior year and may repeat the tests during their senior year.
    • A period of at least one month of residency in a German-speaking country or in a German immersion program. Students may participate in a University-sponsored short-term program, an ISEP semester or year abroad, a program of another accredited college, an internship, or other approved activity. All language students are urged to work closely with the Institute of International Studies to explore available programs and financial resources. Students with special circumstances may petition to have an alternative immersion experience approved for this requirement. Credit earned may be applied to the major or may count as general electives.
  5. Must include 40 upper-division hours.